HOUSE ON FIRE  |  Ty Herndon

Maybe it was the sun shining down and the 75 degree weather which was unusual for that time of year, but the moment I started “play” on Ty Herndon’s new album “House On Fire”, I was instantly inspired and energized. The importance of track listing has never been more perfectly exemplified than here, with the first track kicking off with Herndon’s voice a cappella, telling us “Hey it’s a take it easy slow ride, everything is all right” in the song “That Kind Of Night” and you actually do feel that everything will be all right, as Herndon’s voice takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions.

As an artist, with over 2 decades in country music, Herndon exudes a confidence like never before with these 12 new songs. It is clear, he is in the driver’s seat as cowriter of 9 of the songs and co-producer of this entire album.

There is an unapologetic attitude from a man that is on course for the top, and has no time for game playing as he rids himself of bad relationships, with songs like “Go” singing “this stupid goodbye, can’t come too soon” and the very funny play on words, “If You”, which is as it sounds. Here Herndon sings “I’m on the radio, so I can’t say it, so I’ll abbreviate it…”, which is exactly where these songs should be, on the radio. Herndon is an artist who delivers 12 songs that can rival any other song that is on a stations top 20 playlist with a strength and easiness that radio programmers and fans have come to expect.

With the album “House On Fire” Herndon shows a deeper, greater strength from a man who has been there and back and has lived to tell about it. A confidence that comes through from an artist who not only knows exactly who he is, but exactly what he wants as he sings “you’re gonna be the death of me” in his song “Sweet, Sweet Way To Go” and he seems just fine with that.

And there’s no denying Herndon’s ease in taking the romantic lead. In “Just Friends”, Herndon’s vocal exudes a delicate breathiness that delivers a yearning for a forbidden love.

The stand out for me that encapsulates the emotion of not only these 12 songs collectively, but an artist who has clearly gone through a metamorphosis of sorts, is the title track, “House On Fire”. Again, Herndon is so spot on, and he knows exactly what he’s doing as he lets this song caption this project. It is clear that he has moved on from who he once was and there is a relief that comes, as that old life goes up in flames:

“I poured the gas, I lit the match,
didn’t grab a damn thing on my way out
but I stopped and watched as the flames grew higher to my house on fire”.

Ty Herndon is an artist who has not only claimed his place in country music, but has earned it, literally, through blood, sweat and tears. And he is an artist who has often relied heavily on his faith. As he wraps up this album, you can’t help but cheer him on, with a song called “Fighter”, that for me, evoked images of him climbing to the top of Everest or crossing that finish line to take home the gold or an artist who once again, finds his rightful place at number one. Herndon sings

“just when you think I can’t take no more,
I’ll come back stronger than I was before,
cause when I’m down in the dirt, I’m gonna rise up even higher, than I was before, I was born a survivor…a fighter”.

You believe him because you know it’s true.

—Suzanne Alexander

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